Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Plate of Fried Green Tomatoes, a Glass of Wine and Thou

Acres of Land Winery
July 6, 2011
We found the perfect spot to wind down after a long day of driving—Acres of Land Winery in Richmond, Kentucky.  Less than a ten minute drive from our highway exit motel, the winery restaurant sits atop a hill, and its vineyards cascade down the hillside.  

We relaxed on the side porch with a plate of fried green tomatoes and six tasting portions of different wines which arrived in glasses decorated with the winery’s logo.  It didn’t take long for Dick to notice that the logo on the wine glasses was the same landscape view we were enjoying from the porch.  Many photographic efforts combining the glass and the view then ensued, as Dick was more interested in the photo op than the wine. 

We weren’t tempted to buy bottles of anything we tasted, although one of the wines, made from concord grapes, was quite distinctive, accurately described by the manager as tasting like “Welch’s Grape Juice on steroids.” 
After dinner, Dick encouraged me to look at a tee shirt he thought was perfect for me—and when I saw it, I agreed wholeheartedly with his recommendation.  Here it is. (I was very glad that he did not choose that the one with multiple wine glasses that said “Wines constantly.”)

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